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Click here to download ConnectorDB for Mac.


The Mac version of ConnectorDB does not gather data from your desktop yet. It will only manage a local ConnectorDB server for you. For more information on the progress of data-gathering in macs, click here.

To start off, you will need to install a couple dependencies of ConnectorDB, since the Mac version does not yet have an installer.

brew install redis
brew install pyqt5
pip3 install connectordb apsw

Once these two are installed, you should double-click on the .tar.gz file you downloaded to extract it.

Then, double-click on the connectordb-desktop file. You will get a terminal window pop up, and after a couple seconds, this screen will pop up:

Type in your chosen username and password, and click create. After a couple seconds of work, ConnectorDB will appear in the top corner of your screen:

While the click-menu suggests that data is being gathered, Macs do not yet support desktop data-gathering.


You will notice that ConnectorDB’s app will open your browser upon being clicked. You will need to use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Safari is not supported at this time.

Finally, you will want to run ConnectorDB on login, so it is always started in the background. Please follow these instructions to start ConnectorDB on login.

This Site


ConnectorDB is a very new open-source project. If you are a designer/developer or ML enthusiast, head on over to the connectordb github, where you can choose which part of ConnectorDB you want to contribute towards! Pull requests or bug reports are welcome!