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The time period for which a boolean stream is true before turning false

The time that a stream spends in the true state. This transform uses the timestamp, so the timestamp is displayed in the sequence:

    {"t": 1, "d": true},
    {"t": 2, "d": true},
    {"t": 4, "d": true},
    {"t": 5, "d": false},
    {"t": 6, "d": false},
    {"t": 7, "d": true},
    {"t": 8, "d": false},
    {"t": 9, "d": true}

Given the above data, we can get the following:

    {"t": 5, "d": 4},
    {"t": 8, "d": 1}

The stream was true from timestamp 1 to 5, when it changed to false. So the total time the stream was true was 4 seconds. The stream then turned true at timestamp 7, and turned false at timestamp 8, meaning that it was true for 1 second. Finally, the stream turned true at timestamp 9, but we don’t know how long it was true, so ttrue does not return anything for this final part.

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