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Shift the datapoint timestamp by a constant number of seconds

This transform is not particularly useful for PipeScript by itself, but becomes very frequently used in dataset and merge queries.

Every datapoint has a data portion, as well as a timestamp, which is hidden from computations in PipeScript by default. tshift shifts the timestamps of a stream by the given amount in seconds. This allows making it seem like the data of a stream came before/after its actual timestamps. This is useful in datasets, since a tshift can allow interpolating between different time ranges - it allows asking questions such as “does exercise today impact my mood a week later?”. The datapoints corresponding to mood can be tshifted back by a week to correspond directly to the original datapoints where your exercise data is shown.

Transform Details

One-To-OneStatelessPeekInput SchemaOutput Schema


1The number of seconds to shift the timestampFalseTrueFalse

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