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Takes a json object, and returns the topn elements

The top transform allows you to filter smaller elements of an object:

    "a": 1,
    "b": 2,
    "c": 3,
    "d": 4

Running top(2) on the above will return:

    "c": 3,
    "d": 4

This transform is extremely useful for limiting results - for example, you don’t usually care about every website you ever visted, but rather the top 20 websites. The following transform will return the top 20 websites visited by url:

map(domain,count) | top(20)

You might also want to get the top 20 elements of a non-object (for example, the top 20 scores you ever got in a game). This can be done by converting it into an object first:

map(count,$) | top(20)

Note that the map transform can only hold a limited number of datpoints. it is therefore useful to pre-filter datapoints that you know can’t be in the top 20:

if $ > 100 | map(count,$) | top(20)

Transform Details

One-To-OneStatelessPeekInput SchemaOutput Schema


1The number of elements to retain of the objectFalseTrueFalse
2The script to run ($ default) to generate weights over which to sortTrueFalseTrueNone

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