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Behaves as a single-datapoint memory cell, which is reset when its first argument is true.

remember allows you to save a chosen datapoint. Whenever the argument of remember is true, it saves the current datapoint, and keeps repeating it while the argument is false.

An example will explain this very nicely. If your data is:


then the transform remember($ < 0) will return:


The reason the 20 is repeated at the beginning, despite it being positive, is because remember is always initialized with your first datapoint.

Transform Details

One-To-OneStatelessPeekInput SchemaOutput Schema


1The statement to check for truth. If true, it will remember the current datapointFalseFalseFalse
2Optional, if this is set, then the result of this argument is stored instead of the datapointTrueFalseFalseNone

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