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A conditional. This is what an if statement would be in other languages.

ifelse is the same type of conditional statement that you might be used to in other programming languages.

Pipescript’s if statement is a filter, because conditionals are much less common than filters.

ifelse($ > 5, $-5)

The above will take all datapoints with data greater than 5, and decrease their value by 5. There is also an optional else:

ifelse($ > 5, $-3,$+2)

The above will decrease datapoints > 5 by 3, and increase all others by 2.

This permits performing conditional computation on streams.

Transform Details

One-To-OneStatelessPeekInput SchemaOutput Schema


1The statement to check for truthFalseFalseFalse
2pipe to run if conditional is trueFalseFalseTrue
3Pipe to run if conditional is falseTrueFalseTrueNone

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