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Puts numbers into custom-sized buckets. Useful for histograms.

The bucket transform allows you to put numbers into buckets of custom size.

For example, given this data:


We can choose buckets of size 10 (starting from 0 by default)


to get:

"[0,10)", "[10,20)", "[80,90)","[-10,0)","[0,10)"

The bucket transform uses interval notation. To process the range in code, you can manually change the last character from ) to ], and parse the result as a json array.


Using the bucket transform in conjunction with the map transform, it is easy to generate histograms:


Running this transform on the above data will give:

  "[-10,0)": 1,
  "[0,10)": 2,
  "[10,20)": 1,
  "[80,90)": 1

Transform Details

One-To-OneStatelessPeekInput SchemaOutput Schema
TrueTrueFalse{"type": "string"}


1The size of each bucket (float)TrueTrueFalse10
2Start location for bucketingTrueTrueFalse0

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