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Demo Server

Username: demo

Password: demo

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Demo Details

The demo server simulates a user with 3 months of sample data.

  • Laptop Logger

    The simulated user installed the laptop-logger along with ConnectorDB, and it has been gathering usage information on the computer. You can see the sample data by clicking on the "Laptop" device.
  • Android App

    The android app is set up to run in the background, and gathers the user's location and activity data. The app's sample data is available under the "Android" device.
  • Chrome Extension

    The chrome extension gathers the URL and window title of every web page visited. You can quickly see sample data in the "chrome" device.
  • Ratings

    The sample data contains mood and productivity ratings, as well as a diary/log.

The demo server has data-entry disabled, so you won't be able to add or remove data.

This Site


ConnectorDB is a very new open-source project. If you are a designer/developer or ML enthusiast, head on over to the connectordb github, where you can choose which part of ConnectorDB you want to contribute towards! Pull requests or bug reports are welcome!