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ConnectorDB 0.3.0 Release Date: March 25

Mar 7, 2017. | By: Daniel

Almost a year ago, the first alpha of 0.3.0 was released. This was an initial version of ConnectorDB, without any visualization or analysis capabilities. The alpha was basically a powerful REST API, without the ability to view any data.

Much has changed over the past year, and ConnectorDB has iteratively gained more and more visualization and analysis features. At this point, it is nearly ready for the full 0.3.0 release :D. Therefore, the release date was set for March 25, 2017.

At this point, some bugs are still being fixed and a couple visualizations are being added, but the functionality available right now is a good idea of what’s coming in 2 weeks.

Having said that, there are still several things that still need to be fixed up before the final release:

  • some bugfixes to the data gathering capabilities
  • android syncing on local network
  • some fixes to datasets
  • overall bugfixing
  • lots of docs and tutorials!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the pre-release development builds, and the beta android app, but be aware that they might be buggy and have other issues. You’ll have to promise to update to the full version of ConnectorDB when it comes out!

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