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ConnectorDB 0.3.0?

Aug 17, 2017. | By: Daniel

Almost a year ago, the first alpha of 0.3.0 was released. This was an initial version of ConnectorDB, without any visualization or analysis capabilities. The alpha was basically a powerful REST API, without the ability to view any data.

Over the past year, an enormous amount of work was put into ConnectorDB’s visualization and analysis capabilities. Now, querying a stream automatically gives you a variety of automatic plots!

This post will list out some of the changes that have already happened, and several others that will be made in the next 2 weeks as the final 0.3.0 release is prepared.

Installing & Ease of Use

The original ConnectorDB could only be installed on a linux server, preferrably at a cloud hosting provider (such as DigitalOcean or Vultr). The underlying issue with such deployments is that it severely limits the number of people who can use ConnectorDB to those with extensive linux and IT experience.

With this release, ConnectorDB has full windows support. But that’s just the start. With this new release, the desktop version of ConnectorDB will automatically create and manage a ConnectorDB server on your own computer. This means that all you need to do is run the installer, and you’re good to go for personal data-logging!

Even the Android app will be able to sync only when connected to your home’s network - no need to have ConnectorDB running on an exposed internet server! All you need is your laptop, desktop, or raspberry pi.


With this version of ConnectorDB, your data can be automatically plotted.


ConnectorDB will display the relevant plots for any type of data it can read. If you have numeric data, it will display plots, if you have categorical data, it will display bar charts, if you have GPS data, it will display a map.


For the first time 0.3.0, the dataset API is now directly accessible through the frontend - you can correlate streams with each other. And once again, the relevant plots are automatically shown. For example, if correlating a numeric stream (such as productivity or mood) with GPS coordinates, you get a map showing how you felt in different locations:



Finally, the Android app underwent a huge update. With this release, you will be able to input data in seconds directly from the app! The app also gathers more data than before, and will soon enable you to sync only when on your local wifi network.

What’s Next?

Work on ConnectorDB has stalled - this is due to a reason that deserves its own blog post (hint: AI is hard!). Further updates will come once I figure out the AI!

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ConnectorDB is a very new open-source project. If you are a designer/developer or ML enthusiast, head on over to the connectordb github, where you can choose which part of ConnectorDB you want to contribute towards! Pull requests or bug reports are welcome!