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ConnectorDB 0.3.0 Release Delayed

Mar 19, 2017. | By: Daniel

Unfortunately, the release of ConnectorDB 0.3.0 will be delayed by a couple weeks. This delay is due to three reasons:

  1. A publication deadline is approaching in my research, and therefore requires my full attention until the end of March. I will therefore not be able to do the final release prep for a Mar 25 release.
  2. If it were just the first reason, the deadline would have been moved to April 9. But I now think that April 17 might be a better release date. The reason is the analysis page. The analysis page allows correlating streams of data, and visualizing the resulting datasets. The analysis page has only existed for 2 weeks, and the focus was adding the basic features to make it useful. Today I tried the analysis capabilities on my data for the first time. My first thought was this is incredibly powerful… but my second thought was If only I could see X. I realized that with just a bit more work, it could be made so much better. I think it is worth waiting a few days to have these extra visualizations.
  3. I showed off the analysis features to a couple non-technical people. The main takeaway was that they loved what could be done, but they got lost with the PipeScript necessary for advanced analysis. While PipeScript’s power is necessary to enable truly deep analysis, enabling people to start using it would require a very good introduction. Therefore, it will be useful to have a series of “Data Analysis Tutorials” which iteratively introduces readers to more and more advanced data manipulation in the context of a full dataset.

In order to allow the time to handle points 2 and 3, it was decided that ConnectorDB 0.3.0 will be released on April 17. The extra week of time should be just barely enough to get those two done.

EDIT: The release might be delayed further. Adding more advanced analysis capabilities has proved to be a bit more complex than expected, even with the extra delay. In order to unleash the full analytical power that ConnectorDB is capable of, PipeScript itself needs an upgrade - and I don’t want to hurry something so critical to ConnectorDB.

In the mean time, you can download the latest pre-release build through the downloads page, but you have to promise to upgrade to the final release version in April!

Remember that if upgrading from versions of ConnectorDB older than 0.3.0-git.1077 (such as 0.3.0a1), you will need to export your data first, and reimport it into your new server. Click here for instructions. Versions newer than 0.3.0-git.1077 should be directly compatible with the final 0.3.0 release.

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