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Your personal Life Server

An open-source platform for Quantified Self and IoT
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ConnectorDB 0.3.0 is not yet released

How to use ConnectorDB?

Step 1

Connect your Devices

  • Install the Open-Source Tracking Apps

    You don't need to export data from proprietary sources, ConnectorDB's companion apps automatically gather data from your phone, your laptop, and your browser in the background, syncing directly to your computer.
  • Create Your Own Devices

    For the technically-minded, ConnectorDB comes with a powerful REST API, as well as an easy-to-use python library, allowing you to create your own data-gathering applications, and to perform advanced data analysis. You can also set up "downlinks", to control things directly from ConnectorDB, allowing you to automate parts of your life in response to your data.

Step 2

Record your Mood & Productivity

  • Rate how aspects of your life are going

    Star ratings are built into ConnectorDB, as are logs (diaries). Rating things will allow you to quickly perform analysis of several months of data. You might even be able to correlate it with things gathered by your devices. Imagine computing the effect of exercise on your productivity several days later - or whether the average sentiment of the websites you visit is correlated with your mood.
  • Manually Track anything you want

    Not everything can be gathered by your phone or laptop. ConnectorDB allows manually inputting arbitrary data. Manually track your weight or calories, and later correlate it with the exercise/fitness data gathered by your phone.

Step 3

Visualize Your Data

  • Automatic Plots

    ConnectorDB automatically plots many types of data, and support for more data types is being actively added. You simply click on a data stream to immediately get visualizations of the data.
  • Filter & Transform

    A special filtering and transform language, called PipeScript was developed for the time series data gathered by ConnectorDB. Common analysis tasks can be done in a single line of code!
  • Correlate

    ConnectorDB has a powerful analysis engine, which allows you to easily combine data from multiple sources. What usually requires a knowledge of R or Python, is now just a couple clicks away.

Step 4

The Future

You are now gathering data about your life

Even if you don't find the time, or don't have the skill to analyze your data now, your data will be ready for future analysis...

  • Wouldn't it be awesome if ConnectorDB could give you recommendations?

    The promise of exploiting the latest advances in Machine Learning to gain deep insight into our lives is the underlying reason that ConnectorDB was created. ConnectorDB is a very young project, and won't have its 1.0 release until this feature is implemented. Unfortunately, many of the most powerful algorithms require thousands of datapoints before they gain sufficient accuracy. The data gathered now will allow you to jump right into gaining the benefits of this feature once it becomes available.
  • What if ConnectorDB could control things?

    Imagine for a moment that your house thermostat, lights, and various appliances are all connected to ConnectorDB as "downlinks". What if ConnectorDB's AI could control all of these automatically, using your data and feedback? Your coffee would be ready in the morning. Your lights would be dimmed to the perfect degree, and your thermostat would keep the temperature perfectly aligned to your body's needs...
  • What if insights gained could help everyone?

    Perhaps you wonder sometimes, what makes the most successful people tick? How could you be more like your heroes? What if some people released the AI trained on their data? Insights that you might never have stumbled upon yourself could be used to help you. Most importantly, ConnectorDB is open-source, and private. Nobody can use your data or AI against you without first taking control of your computer. We would like to enable insight-sharing without sacrificing privacy and trust.
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Try it out on your computer. Run ConnectorDB on your laptop, VPS, or Raspberry Pi! Have your own copy of ConnectorDB set up, and gathering data in only a couple minutes.



Every piece of code written for ConnectorDB is open-sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. If you think ConnectorDB's goals match your own, how about contributing to the project?



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ConnectorDB is a very new open-source project. If you are a designer/developer or ML enthusiast, head on over to the connectordb github, where you can choose which part of ConnectorDB you want to contribute towards! Pull requests or bug reports are welcome!